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Inspire a Child USA takes great pride in their selection of high quality volunteers. Our events have to make a great impact on the attendees and picking the right volunteers is the difference in an ok event and a great event. If we select you, we hope that you will uphold our standards of conduct at all of the events at all times. If we feel that you, your company or a representative of your company does not follow our standards of conduct, we will remove you from the list.

By filling in the volunteer application form, you put your name in a pool to be considered as a reliable volunteer for events. We will follow-up when you submit your volunteer application to clarify and validate information. Thank you for your time and we truly appreciate your interest in working with Inspire A Child USA. We like to see people from all economic backgrounds volunteer and give time and resources back to the children. Everyone can benefit from contributing time to helping the underprivileged children in the community.

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